Kadampa Meditation Center New York & World Peace Temple


The Celebration will be held at Kadampa Meditation Center New York, the national center for the New Kadampa Tradition in the United States. Located just two hours upstate from New York City amid 82 acres of lush woodland in the colorful Upper Delaware River Valley, KMC NY is the perfect place for enjoying inner peace. Visitors from all backgrounds come here to find rest and refuge from the challenges of busy daily life.


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In addition to the spiritual program, Celebration-goers will have plenty of time to enjoy being with spiritual friends, and to relax and enjoy the walking trails, meditation spots and abundant wildlife. Light fare, desserts, snacks, coffee, tea, and cold drinks are offered in the World Peace Café located within the World Peace Temple.

A bookstore and gift shop provide a comprehensive collection of books, CDs, prayer booklets and cards. The shop also offers beautiful statues, images, malas, and other items to support and enhance personal practice.


The World Peace Temple

The US World Peace Temple at KMC NY arose from the vision and compassionate intention of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso as part of the International Temples Project. The Temple was designed and built under his guidance to represents the celestial palace of Heruka, the Buddha of Compassion.

The holy architecture, ornate Buddha statues, and unique artwork endow the structure with a tranquil beauty that uplifts us and inspires us. These symbols have deep spiritual meaning. Just by seeing the Temple and the statues within, we receive blessings upon our mind that will give rise to good fortune and inner peace in the future. More information about the symbolic meaning of the Temple can be found in Kadampa Temple for World Peace: A Guide available from www.tharpa.com/us.

One of only four traditional Kadampa Temples in the world, it was constructed largely by volunteers – artists, craftsmen and builders – over a five year period. Other traditional Temples have been built in England, Brazil and Portugal with another currently being built in Arizona at International Kadampa Retreat Center Grand Canyon.